Right Angle Stapler

Always love it when someone has a new take on an old item. This right angle stapler from Yanko Design makes it easy to align your pages and eliminates ugly dog-ears.

Some other new takes on old things:


Steve Wozniak interview

The Verge has transcribed an interesting interview with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. His love of the influential Newton is particularly interesting as it relates to the iPhone:

And that was the first time in my life I had seen a computer understand… I had written something for a human, and the computer understood it. I didn't have to learn its language and it changed my life forever. From then on, I wanted computers to understand me.


Supercharger Stations

Tesla Supercharging Station

Electric car company Tesla Motors is building Supercharger stations across the country. The charging stations are free to use for Tesla owners and will allow the vehicles to make cross country trips.

Tesla Superchargers represent the most advanced charging technology in the world, capable of charging Model S nearly 20x faster than competing EVs. Our second generation Supercharging technology, available soon at all Supercharger stations, reduces charging time by 30% and provides half a charge in just 20 minutes.


Full scale LEGO X-Wing

Holy crap! 32 builders used 5,335,200 LEGO bricks and spent 17,336 hours to construct a full scale X-Wing.

Read more about it on Gizmodo.


The 5 Worst Error Messages

Cracked has a nice breakdown of the 5 worst error messages in the history of technology.

The most frustrating thing about the Blue Screen of Death is how little it tells you, giving you no real indication why your computer crashed or how to fix it. Fatal Exception 0E? What the hell does that even mean? Has my computer been drinking again?


Call girl

Speaking of customer service, Gabriella Paiella wrote a funny article on her experience as a customer service rep.

If you think you’re talking to an expert when you call a customer service center, you’re probably not.


Customer Service empathy

37 Signals has an interesting post on Customer Service and its focus on scripted empathy rather than actual solutions.

There’s simply nothing worse than someone telling you how sorry they are when you can hear they don’t give a damn. Nothing worse than someone telling you that they’re doing all they can, when they’re aren’t lifting a finger.


Tool chest with dry erase finish

I always love smart and simple additions to existing products. This Craftsman tool chest has a white dry erase finish which allows you to label the contents of each drawer with a magic marker.


Skateboard guitars!

Oh man! The folks at Galasso Guitars in Buenos Aires, Argentina combine two things I love: skateboards and guitars. Each Skateguitar is made from recycled decks. I want one.


Handmade wood and titanium rings

Wedgewood Rings are made out of titanium and repurposed wood like Jack Daniels whiskey barrels (pictured below).