Customer service happiness manifesto

Found a fantastic article by John O'Nolan on customer service. If you have a business big or small it's definitely worth a read.

Customer service exists, for the most part, to help customers when things fail. On that basis, the best customer service in the world would be no customer service at all. If I never needed customer support again, then that would quite simply mean that everything was working as it should. So the very first step in customer service should be to figure out how to do less of it.

In the corporate world customer service departments are often proud of the number of employees they have and the volume of calls they get. The goal here should be to reduce the number of calls you get and the employees you need. This is not intuitive to customer service program managers who look to grow their department and budget.

Communication here is key. Customer service needs to talk to the rest of the company and product managers need to talk to customer service. If customer service says, "We handle tons of those calls everyday" then your response should be "Why?"

Instead of getting good at handling it, learn how to eliminate it.

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