15 minute redesign: Best Buy Store Locator

I recently used the bestbuy.com store locator and found it a bit clunky. Here are a few ways they can fix it.

Current page


  1. The "coming soon" message only applies to me if I do search and find no locations in my area.
  2. We don't need three headers. Also these should be in HTML not images.
  3. This should just be a single textbox that is smart enough to handle zip, state, city or address. Make the textbox bigger so it's easier to read and people make less mistakes.
  4. Most folks won't click the checkbox modifiers. Indicate these features on the results. Make the button bigger and like the other buttons on the site.
  5. Don't cram your results into a sidebar - they are the whole reason why I'm here! Give me the most important info like hours and services without an additional click.

Redesigned page

More info, less clutter!