Choosing the thumbnail image that shows up on Facebook

Facebook "like", "share" or "send" buttons are a nice way to let your visitors share content from your website.

When I put a Facebook button on my site I noticed that it generated a thumbnail next to the shared content. Most of the time this thumbnail was a random image from the page that didn't correlate with the shared content. It turns out you can specify what image you would like Facebook to display with a meta tag in your page:

<meta property="og:image" content="url to image" />

Replace "url to image" up there with your image path and you're good to go. If you don't have this code, Facebook will automatically choose an image from your page.


Code snippets

Just discovered the code snippets section of CSS Tricks. Looks like a very handy way of grabbing code snippets I generally end up writing over and over. Nice!


Fontspring has me excited about web fonts

Fontspring looks like a promising solution to the headache that is web fonts.

They let you buy properly hinted web fonts that you download and install on your computer for desktop use and on your webserver for use on an unlimited amount of domains. Plus they give you all of the CSS and file formats you need for the font to display properly in different browsers and devices (even SVG files for iPhone and iPad). You can even preview the font rendering in any browser before you buy.

To top it off the fonts are reasonably priced. I like this a lot more than the subscription based model Typekit has.


CSS3 playground

Just stumbled across CSS3 playground. Looks like an easy visual way to test out stuff like box and text shadows. Much better than guessing numbers until it kinda looks like your photoshop mockup.