As lead web designer for U-Haul, I was responsible for design, UI and frontend code for both customer and internal websites. I managed a team of designers with the goal of improving customer experience through analytics and usability testing.
What I did: Website design, UX, UI, reusable frontend code, style guides, analytics, usability testing, product photography
The U-Haul homepage makes it easy to get equipment rates and highlights additional services like storage, moving help, boxes and moving supplies. We continuously tested layouts and messaging, balancing stakeholder and customer needs.
I designed and testing many iterations of the equipment reservation process. The goal was to make the customer aware of the various equipment options and compare size, utility and price.
The locations page helps customers find a location near them with the services they need.
The location detail page allows a customer to make an equipment reservation or purchase additional items like moving supplies, hitches or propane from the location.
I designed and evolved several versions of the moving supplies section. Clear pictures and descriptions help customers determine if their stuff will fit in various boxes. Navigation and categories were adjusted based on customer behavior and feedback.
In the early days of portable storage, it was crucial to explain the product and process.
The shopping cart is a crucial page that serves multiple functions. It is important the customer understands what they have added, where they will pick it up, what is due today and what is due in store. We continuously tested relevant upsells based on the size of the customer's move.
The SuperGraphics section highlights all of the amazing graphics that appear on the side of U-Haul trucks. Each graphic also had its own website. I designed several sites and built a flexible HTML/CSS template so other designers could create custom designs to match the various themes of each graphic.
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