AllTraq is an RFID tracking system that allows users to remotely view realtime location and sensor data for tagged assets from any internet connected device. The app needed to work well for a variety of industries including healthcare, veterinary science, cattle tracking, airport security, food safety, amusement parks, research labs and NASA.
As the Software Lead for AllTraq, I was part of a 3 man web dev team and worked closely with hardware engineers and our customers to design, build and evolve the web app.
What I did: Design, UX, UI, frontend code, QA testing, vector map creation, customer setup and support, project / task management
The AllTraq dashboard provides an overview of your location. You can view alert activity, location of tagged assets and live sensor data.
Users can organize their tagged items into categories with custom icons. This helps them identify items on a map of their location. Vector maps are created from 3D scan data with precise pixel to foot ratios. Users can draw zones on the map to define areas for historical data and alert conditions.
The item detail page allows the user to view and edit information on their RFID tagged item. The page displays current location and sensor data and any current alerts. Users can also view historical location and sensor data.
Users can view all tagged items in a category to view their current location inside of a building or in this case, the GPS location in a field. 
Admin users can create complex alert conditions based on location and sensor data.
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