Safety and environmental tracking in astromaterial labs.
ARES (Astromaterials Research and Exploration Science) is a division of NASA located at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. ARES scientists study terrestrial and astromaterials in support of human and robotic spaceflight programs. The ARES labs house NASA collected extraterrestrial samples including lunar rocks and meteorites.
As Software Lead for AllTraq, I worked with ARES to monitor environmental data such as temperature, humidity, moisture, O2, CO2, H2S and atmospheric pressure in their labs. We also developed RFID personnel badges with emergency buttons and fall detection.
What I did:
Designed the AllTraq web app
AllTraq demonstration at JSC
AllTraq hardware installation at JSC
3D Lidar scanning and 2D vector map creation
Software setup for personnel tracking and environmental sensors
Customer support and training
Managed software requests, designed new features
3D scanning with the Leica BLK360, me in appropriate clean room attire.
Top down slice of the 3D Lidar scan.
2D vector map in the AllTraq web app with accurate pixel to foot ratio for precise realtime location tracking. Tracking accuracy is only as good as your map!
Lab managers can monitor live sensor data and receive software, email or text alerts.
ARES scientists work with nitrogen glove boxes and other potentially hazardous materials. RFID enabled badges with emergency buttons and fall detection work in tandem with environmental sensors to ensure personnel safety.
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