As Software Lead for AllTraq, I had the opportunity to work with NASA to evaluate potential habitats for the Gateway and Mars Dune Alpha projects. NASA used the AllTraq Realtime Location System to track crew members inside full scale habitat prototypes at Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.
What I did:
Designed AllTraq web app used for habitat evaluation
2D vector map creation from habitat 3D scan data
Training and support during crew habitat evaluation
Managed software requests
Gateway is a cislunar space station which will orbit the moon. It serves as a jump point for lunar missions and future deep space exploration. NASA used AllTraq to evaluate several full scale habitat prototypes.
3D scans were used to make accurate 2D maps for use in the AllTraq web app. The data collected from AllTraq was used to decrease crew interference, lower task wait times and identify areas of underutilization which led to interior layout changes in the habitats.
Mars Dune Alpha is a 1,700 square foot 3D printed habitat located at JSC. We participated in the Crew Health and Performance Exploration Analog (CHAPEA) - a series of year long missions where crew members live in the habitat. NASA is using AllTraq data for habitat evaluation and crew behavioral health and performance.
Mars Dune Alpha during the 3D printing process. Photo courtesy of NASA.
Vector map created from 3D scan data in the AllTraq web app.
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