RFID tracking at the bottom of the ocean.
The NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations project (NEEMO) is an analog mission used to prepare and train astronauts, engineers and scientists for future space exploration. NEEMO missions take place in Aquarius, the only permanent underwater research lab in the world. 
As a Mission Specialist for NASA NEEMO 22 and 23, I was in charge of RFID tracking for boats, equipment, crew and environmental sensors.
What I did: 
Designed the AllTraq web app
Onsite Mission Specialist for the duration of the mission 
AllTraq Installation at topside Mission Control, install support for habitat
Vector map creation from 3D scans
Crew training and topside support
Managed RFID tracking for crew, equipment, boats and habitat
AllTraq API integration with NASA Playbook mission management software
Mission Debrief with crew to improve the system and software
NEEMO 22 crew outside the Aquarius habitat. Photo courtesy of NASA.
Interior of the Aquarius habitat. Photo courtesy of NASA.
I built accurate 2D maps from 3D scan data for realtime precision tracking inside the habitat and topside mission control.
My team worked with the talented folks at JPL to integrate AllTraq tracking and sensor data into Playbook - NASA's mission management software.
NEEMO missions are supported by a talented topside support group that includes mission specialists, science teams, CAPCOMs and dive teams.
I made some AllTraq swag bags for the various teams that included t-shirts and stickers.
My son looking less than thrilled surrounded by people holding NASA team awards.
Not a bad place to work for a few weeks.
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